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Please note that it is customers responsibility to organize proper working area. Our detailer

must have at least 1m of space from each side of your vehicle to be able to perform his work. The ground must be flat. The surface of the vehicle must be cool and the vehicle must be either in the shade or in the customer's garage during our work. Please make sure that detailer have access to electricity and water point with a quick connector (max within 10m of working area)

If you are unsure whether your yard or garage is suitable for work, please contact us.

We recommend to read our "Termis of Use" page before placing a booking.


Experience the ultimate car detailing service with Costashine Autospa’s car polishing service. Our team of experts begins with a thorough car determination and removes any iron and tar buildup. We then use a 2-step machine polishing process to remove any scratches or swirls on your car’s surface before applying a carnauba based wax as a finish.  The price includes enhancement of plastic and rubber parts (eg tires). Trust us to bring your car back to its original show-stopping shine.

This is a great option for cars older than 3-4 years.

Man Polishing Car


This package, an exceptional choice for preserving and enhancing the beauty of your newer car (1-2 years old) that's free from deep scratches or swirls. We begin by meticulously removing any iron and tar buildup from your car's surface, ensuring a clean canvas. Then, our skilled technicians employ a meticulous one-step polishing process to eliminate minor imperfections, restoring your car's original luster. To complete the transformation, we apply a premium carnauba based car wax to protect the finish and create a radiant, showroom-worthy shine. The price includes enhancement of plastic and rubber parts (eg tires).


Experience a rejuvenated, head-turning vehicle without the need for extensive treatments – it's car detailing simplified to perfection.

Sport Car


Step 1: Iron and Tar Marks Removal

Before we work our magic, we first tackle the toughest challenges your car's exterior faces – iron and tar marks. We meticulously remove these stubborn blemishes to create a flawless canvas for the steps that follow.

Step 2: Two-Step Polishing

With a clean slate, our skilled team takes your car's paint to the next level with a meticulous two-step polishing process. We eliminate imperfections, swirls, and fine scratches, revealing the true luster of your vehicle's finish.

Step 3: Ceramic Coating - The Ultimate Shine

The final touch is the magic of ceramic coating. We apply a protective layer that not only enhances the shine but shields your car from the elements. Say goodbye to daily wear and tear and hello to a lasting brilliance that outshines the ordinary.

Step 4: The final step is crucial for achieving the best results. For the next 24 hours, please refrain from touching, exposing your vehicle to dust, direct sunlight, or any external elements. Ideally, store your car in a garage to provide the perfect environment for the ceramic coating to bond effectively, ensuring long-lasting protection and a stunning finish. This short wait is a small price to pay for the exceptional benefits your car will enjoy in the long run.

The price includes enhancement of plastic and rubber parts (eg tires).

Ceramic coated BMW car


Revitalize your car's headlights with our expert car detailing service. If your car's headlights have lost their shine due to sun damage, our specialists will diligently work to remove the yellowish tint and fog, aiming to restore your headlights to improved brightness. Please note that while we strive for optimal results, complete restoration to a brand-new condition may not be guaranteed.

This service is available at our garage or in the area of Fuengirola-Benalmadena

Big headlight cleaning on the car with power buffer machine at service station ,Before and
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